As an inventor Marcus Jacka has progressively been drawn back to the elemental in nature

Marcus Jacka is an Australian who has lived in and loved England for most of his life. As a craftsman and designer, this is reflected in his predominant choice of materials.

His first career was as an experimental physicist, but as an inventor (with numerous patents to his name), he is driven by the challenge of finding elegant solutions to practical problems. In 2005 he gave up his post as a lecturer in atomic-physics at York University, to work exclusively in wood.

Marcus’s workshop sits in the North York Moors National Park, where the landscape and its trees are a profound source of inspiration. It is equipped with tools and machines mostly dating from the mid 20th century. He has chosen these because they function so simply and reliably their redundancy is unlikely.

As a craftsman and designer Marcus’s skill, perseverance and flair are self-evident, in his impeccable standards and the beauty of his finely crafted work.